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Painter’s TapePro*

Keep Tape Accessible, Right by your Pocket!

* Patent Pending

Save Time & Save Tape!

Cut tape time in half

Stop losing your tape

No more dropping and stopping

Reduce tape snags and tangles

Completely Safe

The TapePro Story

California painter Bruce Fogle was having a typical, frustrating day. Up and down his ladder, dropping  tape, mislaying tape, snagging  tape … Has it happened to you?

In desperation, Bruce pulled a wire coat hanger out of the work site and prototyped it into a tape holder. It was rough, but it showed promise! The Painters Tape Holder is now patented, refined and available to you.

Safe, smooth edges. Weighted to stay in your pocket, Friction-less to slide out for safety. Carries single or multiple rolls, allowing tape to flow snag-free

Buy Now!

$7.99 each + $ 5.00 S&H

Number of Painter’s TapePros

Safe and Easy to Use

Make your jobs go faster and easier.

Just slides in and out of your pocket.

No sharp edges.

Carry Multiple Tape Rolls

Designed to carry:

Two 1 1/2″ rolls

Up to four 1″ rolls

No more Dropping and Stopping

Tired of snagging and dropping your tape?

Tired of climbing up and down ladders to retrieve your tape?

Save Time & Save Tape!

Time is money.

Have the right tapes at all times.

Wholesale Orders

Please Contact Us for Wholesale Prices and Options:

(415) 847-1474


Bruce Fogle,  CEO / Inventor